DTMB Standard

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DTTV standard put into commercial use in Laos
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2011-03-16 13:43:00  Number: big middle small
In January 2010, under the support of national reform committee, industry and information ministry and commerce department, Chinese Pu Tian signed a cooperation agreement with Yun Shu media company to promote the project of terrestrial digital television DTMB standard in Laos.
In April 2010, the devices of terrestrial digital television project were sent to Laos. And our engineers went to Laos to install, test and debug the devices. It was planned that the TV signal will cover thousands of consumers in the capital of Laos at the end of May. There are 5 frequency point in the whole system, which are able to send 45 sets of digital TV programs. At present, the consumers of this system are nearly 30 thousand.

On July 8th 2010, Dr. Camp Weng Dalla, vice minister of literary department from Laos, visited Chinese company Pu Tian. During the meeting, Dr. Camp Weng Dalla expressed his big support to DTMB standard, technology and product. He also hoped that this standard could be applied everywhere in Laos such as: Wan Xiang Province, Shawan Naji Province, Pakse Province and Louangphabang Province. If the standard succeed in being tested in the other 4 Provinces except Wan Xiang province, the party of Laos will announce that the Chinese terrestrial digital television is adopted at the meeting of literary department in ASEAN in 2011 and they will recommend this standard to other members of ASEAN.