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Terrestrial digital TV transmission standard DTMB evolution system
    DTMB international standard possesses advanced technology, complete property right, advanced performance, and has a widespread deployment A industrial standard system integrating the DTMB, E-DTMB, and DTMB-A has already been constructed Among them, DTMB is used for the public broadcasting network; E-DTMB will play a more important role in mobile reception and data broadcasting; DTMB-A is suitable for multi integrated services of higher quality

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DTMB application demonstration system demo scene
     Fast and efficient estimation of design and PN sequence of frame head balanced to DTMB application system, and symbols to fill the guard intervals, low density parity check codes (LDPC), spread spectrum transmission technology information system The DTMB system to support 4 813Mbps ~ 32 486Mbps net data transmission load rate, supporting standard definition TV service and the high definition television service, support fixed reception and mobile reception,