Field test and seminar on China's DTTV transmission standard evolution system
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2012-09-27 13:23:00  Number: big middle small
  From Sept.7 to Sept. 22, 2012, the National Engineering Lab for Digital TV (Beijing), together with Radio Television Hong Kong, Television Broadcasts Limited(TVB),and Asia Television Ltd (ATV),carried out the field tests on the evolving technical system (DTMB-A) and enhanced system - E-DTMB (developed according to Hongkong’s demand)of Chinese digital terrestrial television transmission standard in Hongkong. The tests include the on-site acceptance test at fixed points,mobile reception test of DTMB-A and E-DTMB technology and system, as well as the acceptance test in the unique tidal environment in Hongkong.


  Test results show that the DTMB-A system can be compatible with the existing infrastructure of the DTMB system, and the transmission capacity is greatly increased; at the same transmission rate, the receiving threshold and anti-interference ability of DTMB-A system are all better than that of DTMB system, and the high efficient mode of DTMB-A system is able to achieve a reliable reception in the complicated environment of Hongkong. The test results also show that the E-DTMB system and DTMB system have good compatibility, and the E-DTMB mobile service has the better receiving threshold and the stronger anti-interference ability.
  During the test, National Engineering Lab for Digital TV (Beijing), together with Radio Television Hong Kong, TVB, and ATV, held a DTMB evolution technology and system seminar in the studio of Radio Television Hong Kong on September 21. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Zhu Richao, a senior digital TV expert of Hongkon, and more than 90 participants from Hongkong Communications Authority, Asia-Pacific Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Radio Television Hong Kong, TVB and ATV and the concerned media attended the meeting. In the meeting, Mr. Dai Jianwen, the deputy director of Radio Television Hong Kong, delivered a warm speech, and Professor Yang Zhixing, Professor Song Jian, and Professor Wang Jintao of our lab respectively introduced the development ideas, key technology and development trend of DTMB-A and E-DTMB system, and Professor Pan Changyong reported the summary of test conducted in Hongkong.
  ceiving demonstration of DTMB-A and E-DTMB technology and system, and gave high affirmation to the advancement of DTMB evolution technology.Theyhope to realize DTMB-A industrialization as soon as possible and take the lead application in Hongkong, and hope that it could make new and greater contributions to the development of China's terrestrial digital TV.