DTMB Standard

  • Yunnan Base of DTVNEL is founded
  • DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum
  • China-Cuba First International Digital TV Havana Forum held successfully
  • Sharing of test platform is established in DTVNEL
  • DTMB technology training course is held for Pakistan delegation
  • Pakistan delegation visited DTVNEL
Lecture of Chinese DTMB standard gets complete success at the second African summit of analog TV to digital TV migration and frequency spectrum policy
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From September 27th to 28th 2012, Song Jian, professor of DTVNEL, went to the capital city Accra in Ghana to attend the summit held by ATU, ITU and the communication ministry of Ghana under the invitation from African telecom union. This summit was sponsored by DTVNEL, google, Harris and other companies. Ministers of communication, senior officials and engineers who came from about 50 African countries along with the leaders of Multinational enterprises in France, Britain and America attend the summit and there were about 300 people totally. They discussed how to complete the project of ‘analog TV to digital TV’ smoothly and how to divide frequency spectrum from different aspects such as: standard, technology, economy and policy. At the summit, Song Jian introduces the DTMB terrestrial international standard and its technical evolution, which received warm praise and positive response from the delegates of different countries.

During the summit, Song Jiang was invited to attend a formal meeting with minister of communication in Sudan, the leader of ATU secretariat and also had friendly talks with the delegates from Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and other Afircan countries. Abdoulkarim Soumaila, the leader of ATU secretariat, thought that in terms of the technology and economy of Africa, R&D work of TV standard is difficualt in Africa, so African countries would accept other  TV standards. But he suggests Chinese government and organization to attend the next African digital conversion summit to show  new DTV technology . After the meeting, the group led by Song Jiang visited delegate of Huawei company in Ghana and talked with the general manager Mr. Wang Yingjie from Huawei about the situation of DTMB standard promotion in Africa.