• National Engineering Laboratory for Digital TV(Beijing) was established in December 2009, approved by National Development and Reform Commission. Since the foundation of National Engineering Laboratory For DTV (Beijing), its primary task is building a complete industrial chain to validate and qualify DTV system from headend to terminal, from transmission to reception, from integration to operation. Training professional engineers and senior management personnel through 4 major R&D platforms and one open DTV laboratory.

    Depends on the advantages of international TV standards, National Engineering Laboratory for Digital TV(Beijing) creates a comprehensive system coexisting with DTMB → E-DTMB → DTMB-A standard.

    At present, DTMB standard has become an international TV standard to satisfy different requirements from different subscribers, it causes of DTMB standard’s advanced technology, complete property rights, excellent performance and easy deployment; E-DTMB standard is fully compatible with DTMB standard, which is able to support different broadcasting business by one frequency. Some performances of DTMB-A standards have exceeding DVB-T2 standard by TDS-OFDM technology and LDPC code design. Oversea promotions of DTMB standard have achieved many strategic breakthroughs, by following Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Djibouti, more than 20 Asian and African countries are again going to use DTMB standard for commercial purpose.

    National Engineering Laboratory for Digital TV(Beijing) has made several substantial breakthroughs on oversea promotions of China's digital TV standards and will keep rigorous, precise and responsible working style to get more and more brilliant achievements.

  • On 23rd, June 2010,National Engineering Laboratory for Digital TV(Beijing) was founded in Beijing , approved by National Development and Reform Commission.
    On 25th,November, 2010, including National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Standardization Committee, Engineering Institute etc 26 organizations and institutions participate the opening ceremony of DTVNEL(Beijing).

  • The opening ceremony of Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance attracts Tsinghua university and other 11 joint ventures to attend it.
    DTVNEL(Beijing) leads more than 50 members in Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance to make a complete industrial chain for the developments of China’s digital TV system from headend to terminal, from research to test, from integration to operation.

  • Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance was founded in Beijing on 7th,June, 2007. The alliance plays an important role for industrialization of China’s digital TV standard. On 24th, February,2012, the 1st membership meeting of alliance was held in Beijing. Main focus of the meeting is formulating a reorganized plan for alliance according to related regulations and administrative licenses. On 16th March  2012, Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance becomes formally a corporate entity.

  • DTVNEL(Beijing) focuses on research and development of digital television technology, constantly achieve new breakthroughs in DTMB standard oversea promotion, set up a complete exportation base for digital TV technologies, standards, products and services,research new technologies, new TV standard, new systems and new developments for digital TV technology

    DTVNEL(Beijing) undertakes the missions that commissioned by Chinese government and enterprise to promote Chinese DTV industry development, training professional engineers and senior management personnel to provide technical consulting and service.

  • The “Expert Committee” of DTVNEL(Beijing) is composed of 9 experts and outstanding academicians who are responsible for strategic consulting of R&D of National digital TV standards. The “Technical Committee” is composed of 12 professional technicians who are responsible for the guidance of four platform’s construction.

  • The workgroup of DTVNEL(Beijing) is responsible for R&D and innovation of new generation DTV standards, accelerate industrialization of Chinese digital TV standards, to establish a testing and certification platform to qualify digital TV system from headend to terminal, from transmission to reception, from integration to test, concentrate on DTMB standard oversea promotion.

  • From 17th to 18th, March, 2013, Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance established a workgroup consisted of 40 organizations and operators in order to strengthen oversea promotion of the national DTV standard. This formation of workgroup is to improve the industrial chain of technical innovation and resource sharing for relevant enterprises, universities and research institutes.

  • On 30th, November 2011, Professor Pan Changyong represents DTVNEL(Beijing) to get a formal license authorization of Zhongguancun open laboratory from local government leader, DTVNEL(Beijing) formally becomes one of 25 international open laboratories in Beijing. 

    Since getting the license of Zhongguancun open laboratory, DTVNEL(Beijing) has hosted and organized technical forums and R&D conferences many times.

  • The construction of DTVNEL(Beijing) has always been getting strong supports from local government. DTMB standard quickly becomes an international TV standard under a leadership of eight joint members of DTVNEL(Beijing). DTMB standard reveals its advantages and strong international competitiveness through the efforts and wisdoms of all expert group in DTVNEL(Beijing).


  • On 15th, March 2012, Cai Fuchao, the vice minister of China’s propaganda department and the chief of SARFT visited DTVNEL(Beijing), he says SARFT will strongly supports DTVNEL(Beijing) for DTMB standard oversea promotion, he requests Academy of Broadcasting science SAPPRFT and Academy of Broadcasting Planning SAPPRFT to participate actively R&D work of DTMB standard in order to achieve more greater progress.

  • On 17th, 2012, Mr.Qi Chengyuan, the chief of the national development and reform commission with Mr.Gao Yuanyuan, the deputy director of ministry of commerce visited DTVNEL(Beijing). Qi Chengyuan encouraged DTVNEL(Beijing) to improve constantly on R&D abilities of DTMB standard, to release DTMB-A standard as soon as possible. He also demands DTVNEL(Beijing) doing good at internal coordination.

  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a United Nations agency in charge of global information and communication technologies affairs. On 14th, January 2011, Tsinghua University was officially accepted to join in the first academic member of ITU. DTMB standard became officially an international TV standard by the end of 2011. 

    In April 2012, Professor Song Jian, the general manager of DTVNEL(Beijing) Common Technology Research Platform was selected as vice chairman of ITU6A Research Group.

  • DTMB standard is more powerful than DVB-T standard, because DTMB system has higher transmission bandwidth for robust coverage range and reliable stability for mobile TV transmission. Moreover, all equipments of DTMB system are low cost to increase the competitiveness of DTMB standard in the world.  

  • Advantages of DTMB international standards are advanced technology, complete property rights, excellent performance and easy deploy. E-DTMB and DTMB-A standard are 2 extensional standards from DTMB standard, these 3 standards are concomitant for different applications. DTMB standard is usually used for free public broadcasting; E-DTMB standard has a good ability for mobile TV transmission, DTMB-A standard is more suitable for high definition TV broadcasting. The relationship between this three standards is not substitutional but concomitant.

  • From 7th to 22nd September, DTVNEL(Beijing) made a system test of E-DTMB standard and DTMB-A standard in Hong Kong with local TV station TVB, ATV. Tests are including terrestrial digital TV reception from fixed place, mobile environment and tidal environment. 

    The test result showing that both E-DTMB and DTMB-A systems are good compatibility with DTMB system, their performance of receiving threshold and anti-interference are all better than DTMB standard. Especially, DTMB-A system greatly improves the capacity of system transmission.

  • DTMB-A Standard fully supports ultra-high HD TV, HD TV, SD TV, mobile TV, Internet TV and two-way interaction services.

  • Compared to DVB-T2 system, some performance of DTMB-A system such us spectral efficiency, reception threshold, single frequency networking, anti interference of multipath and ability of mobile TV reception are all exceeding, furthermore, DTMB-A standard has obvious cost-effective advantage.

  • At present, DTVNEL(Beijing) has successfully developed E-DTMB system and released 2 international TV standards approved by ITU. DTVNEL(Beijing) has gotten 38 national patents and published 46 relevant thesis; training more than 100 officials and engineers from Asian and African countries; received 32 international delegations in 3 years. DTVNEL(Beijing) keeps existing advantages and will make more brilliant achievements on R&D of China’s DTV technology.

  • Although the competition of international TV standards is extremely cruel due to the exclusivity of technologies and products, However, with the efforts of all parties from DTVNEL(Beijing, the overseas promotion of DTMB international TV standards is going better and better. In November 2011, a collaborative agreement was signed between Chinese government and Cuban government. The photo shows Mr.Zhang Xiaoqiang, the deputy chief of National Development and Reform Commission attended the opening ceremony of DTMB demonstration area in Cuba.

  • In February 2012, Chinese government and Laos government signed a bilateral cooperation agreement. Lao government formally announced to use DTMB standard as national TV standard , which symbolizes that DTVNEL(Beijing) has taken a crucial step for DTMB standard oversea promotion.


  • On 9th, February 2012, Professor Yang Zhixing, the chairman of DTVNEL(Beijing) received a delegation from the Ministry of National Defense of Cambodia. At present, DTVNEL(Beijing) has successively received delegations from Pakistan, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Botswana, Burundi, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Congo (DRC), Madagascar. Some of above delegations have visited twice.


  • On 18th, April 2013, a governmental delegation from Madagascar visited DTVNEL(Beijing). In recent years, the oversea promotion of DTMB standard gets greatly success. Currently, more than 30 Asian and African countries are preparing to use DTMB standard as their national TV standard, some countries have already signed commercial agreements with DTVNEL(Beijing).

  • On 21st, September 2012, DTVNEL(Beijing), Hong Kong TV station, TVB, and ATV held jointly a technical seminar for DTMB evolutive system in Hong Kong. More than 90 people and representatives from local Communications Authority, Asia Pacific association of film and television, Hong Kong TV station, TVB, and ATV attended this seminar. 

  • From 27th to 28th September, 2012,  “The Second Africa Digital Migration and Spectrum Policy Summit" held in Ghana. More than 300 people including ministers, senior officials, and experts from nearly 50 countries in Africa. Professor Song Jian, the general manager of DTVNEL(Beijing) made a wonderful speech and gets high praise and positive respond in the conference.

  • From 16th to 21st November,2012, 14th China Hi-Tech Fair was held in Shenzhen.DTVNEL(Beijing) won the best product award and the best booth award. At the first day of China High-tech Fair, Zhang Xiaoqiang, the deputy chief of the National Development and Reform Commission and Xu Qin, the mayor of Shenzhen visited the booth of DTVNEL(Beijing), Zhang Xiaoqiang asked relevant questions about R&D progress of DTMB-A standard.


  • On 19th, March 2013, at the Seventh Digital Television Summit of CCBN2013, professor Yang Zhixing, the chairman of Zhongguancun DTV Alliance and the chairman of DTVNEL(Beijing) made a keynote speech with a topic of “The Evolution of National DTTV Standard” 
    Lots of leader and expert from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, SARFT and some local DTV operators attended the conference.
  • From 19th to 21st March, 2013, DTVNEL(Beijing) and Cuban National Telecommunication research Institute held successfully ” First China-Cuba International Digital TV Havana Forum” in Cuba. This event attracted more than 100 visitors from China, Cuba and other Latin American countries. This is a successful exhibition for the promotion of 2 Chinese national standards “DTMB and AVS” in Cuba; which could accelerate the development of digital TV industry in all Latin American countries. The photo shows that a delegation from Chinese government attending the opening ceremony of this conference.
  • During conference, the delegation from Chinese government participated in the completion ceremony of DTMB demonstration area in Havana and equipments donation ceremony. In recent years, the advantages of DTMB and DTMB-A standard have been deeply rooted in people’s heart in the world, which could be helpful to the development of digital TV industry in Asia and all Latin American countries.