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Field test of DTMB standard gets a complete success in Hongkong
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2012-09-27 13:23:00  Number: big middle small

From September 7th to 22nd 2012, National Engineering Laboratory for DTV(Beijing) associating Hong Kong Radio Station and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), Asia Television Ltd (ATV), made field tests of Chinese terrestrial digital television transmission system- DTMB-A and E-DTMB (base on the request from Hong Kong government). 
The test result shows that DTMB-A system is fully compatible with the existing equipment of BTMB system, the transmission capacity is also greatly increased. Under the same transmission bitrate, the reception threshold and anti-interference ability of DTMB-A system are better than DTMB system, especially under the high efficient mode of DTMB-A system is able to achieve a reliable reception in the complicated environment in Hong Kong. The tests also show that E-DTMB system is  fully compatible with DTMB system too, E-DTMB system has good performance on anti-interference and reception threshold capability for mobile TV reception.
During the tests, DTVNEL  held a proseminar for DTMB evaluation system  in the hall of Hong Kong TV station. This proseminar was hosted by Zhu Ri Chao who is an outstanding expert of digital television technology research in Hong Kong. More than ninety people attended the meeting, including people who came from Administration of Communication Engineering Association in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific 
Film and Television Association, Hong Kong TV station, TVB and ATV. During the meeting, Dai Jian Wen, the vice director of Hong Kong TV station gave an excellent speech. Professor Yang Zhi Xing, Chairman of DTVNEL(Beijing)introduced the core technology and development direction of DTMB-A and DTMB-E systems. Professor Pan Chang Yong introduced the details of field test.
After the meeting, the exports from Hong Kong see a demonstration system of DTMB-A and E-DTMB. They highly appraise this technology and hoped  DTMB-A standard’s industrialization could be realized as soon as possible. Moreover, they expected that DTVNEL(Beijing) could do more contribution for domestic terrestrial digital television development in future.