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  • SG8131- HDMI2.1 10K Signal Generator
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SG8131- HDMI2.1 10K Signal Generator
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SG8131 is a portable video signal generator with HDMI 2.1 interface up to 10K video modes, resolution support are 4K@240Hz, 8K@60Hz, frame rate up to 420Hz, bit depth up to 16bit, SG8131 offers support HDR10+, HDR Vivid, HLG and PQ pattern‘s generation, BT.709 BT.2020, RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4, HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.3 are also supported. SG8131 integrates multiple international test specifications for TV/ projector testing, industry testing, CESI certification testing.SG8131 allows users to test products for compliance with applicable HDR10+ and HDR Vivid test specifications.








SG8131 is convenient for portable use with an internal lithium battery. It can be widely used indoor and outdoor scene testing.


  •    TV and projector products R&D
  •    Factory production line inspection
  •    Product certification evaluation
  •    Standard compliance testing
  •    Product supervision and random inspection
  •   Technical solution validation
  •   System integration debugging


2. Highlights


  •   HDMI 2.1 Test Equipment (FRL/TMDS) , 48Gbps
  •   Resolution : • 10K@30Hz • 8K@60Hz 
  •   HDR: • HDR10+ • HDR Vivid • HLG • PQ
  •   Frame rate : • 420Hz •360Hz
  •   Color depth: • 16bit • 12bit
  •   Color space: • RGB • YCbCr
  •   HDCP 1.4 & HDCP 2.2/2.3
  •   CEC Support


3. Specifications


4.product capability

4.1 HDMI2.1 interface capability

  • SG8131 signal generator with a 48G HDMI2.1 full link output capability,; Supports TMDS and FRL link selection, supports CEC testing, HDCP testing, EDID information reading, and 8CH digital audio;
  • Resolution: Supports CTA timing, VESA timing, and user-defined timing. The resolution can support 10K, 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, HD, SD, etc;
  • Frame rate: The frame rate can support 420Hz, 360Hz, 240Hz, 120Hz, as well as custom frame rates;
  • Bit depth: Bit depth can support 16bit, 12bit, 10bit, and 8bit;
  • Color gamut: The color gamut can support BT.2020, BT.709, and BT.601;
  • Sampling space: Supports RGB and YCbCr;
  • Audio: Support custom 8CH digital audio;

4.2 Built-in rich test signals

  • Support rich test graphics, 4K/8K natural images, and 4K/8K HDR natural images;
  • Support customized configuration of test signals, such as color bars, grayscale, full court, windows, checkerboard, etc;