Testing Center


Brief introduction

Beijing digital TV national engineering laboratory testing center was founded in 2011, is part of the DTVNEL's comprehensive third party authority.

Technical system quality in the test center to assume the field of digital television, radio and television network identification detection project acceptance test, test, test, commissioned by the tender performance testing, software testing, radio and television engineering consultation and supervision work, provide the accurate and reliable basis for national,industry management department, operation mechanism and the majority of users. Inspection items include: transmitter, receiver, detection, mobile phone driver detection detection detection and network coverage detectionetc.
The test center has the international advanced digital television, data transmission, optical communication, mobile communication, audio and video, software function, performance and safety reliability of detection instruments and equipment, and has a group of professional and technical personnel for many years in the broadcasting and communication technology. In the process of formulating and implementing detection scheme based on the relevant provisions of the strict quality management system, through the process control and quality management to ensurecomplete and effective, scientific and fair test results and test data.
Beijing digital TV national engineering laboratory testing center with test technology, advanced testing ability to improve the environment, the powerful test and rich experience in testing. "Scientific and accurate,objective and fair, standardized management" is our quality policy. Maintain the "first-class detection technology, first-class management, first-class service" is the purpose of our work.