DTMB application system

Block-diagram of DTMB Application Demonstration System is shown in Figure 1:

Source module---cryptographic module---exciter & transmitter module---terminal reception---display

Figure 1: Block-diagram of DTMB Application Demonstration System
The following photo is a demonstration scenario of the DTMB Application Demonstration System
Note: photo is omitted
The DTMB application system is designed with PN sequence frame header featuring rapid synchronization and efficient evaluation and balancing, guard interval with symbol padding, LDPC codes, spread spectrum transmission of system information and other technology. DTMB system supports data transmission rate of 4.813Mbps to 32.486Mbps system payload, standard-definition TV service and high-definition TV service, fixed reception and mobile reception, multi-frequency network and single-frequency network.
The system has been widely used in China and foreign countries and earned high comments as well as considerable benefits in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau , Laos, Cuba, Cambodia etc.
DTMB international standard integrates the advantages of time-frequency domain processing and thus has powerful late-development advantages. The late-development advantages of DTMB are mainly embodied in the following four aspects:
1、Fair stability and sound synchronization performance protection.
2、High spectrum efficiency. In contrast to the DTTV standard of Japan or Europe, the spectrum efficiency of DTMB has been increased by about 10%.
3、High mobile performance. Thanks to the time-frequency domain processing of DTMB, the parameter refresh rate doubles that of Japan and European standard.
4、Good coverage performance. DTMB is the first international standard that adopts LCPC codes in DTTV standard, and as a result DTMB system has a lower receiving threshold. It has 3dB advantage compared to similar standards. At the same transmission power, the DTMB expands the coverage up to two times.