• SG8131- HDMI2.1 10K Signal Generator
  • DTMB-A is adopted as 2nd-Gen DTV International Standard by ITU
  • The China-aided DTMB/DTMB-A Project Kicks off in Timor-Leste
  • China and East Timor sign an implementation agreement for terrestrial digital TV transmission system
  • A delegation from Timor-Leste visited DTVNEL(Beijing)
  • DTVNEL held successfully International DTV Forum in Lao

DTMB transmission system

DTMB standard is designed for fast synchronization, high efficient estimation and balanced PN sequence, has advanced technologies on guard interval filling, low density parity check(LDPC) and spectrum spread .

DTMB Standard supports transmission bitrate from 4.813 Mbps to 32.486 Mbps, data carrier whether SD TV or HD TV, signal reception whether fixation or movement, network type whether MFN or SFN.

DTMB standard is not only serving for Chinese domestic market but also using for many countries such like Laos, Cuba, Cambodia, Pakistan, it brings substantial benefits to TV operators from different country. DTMB standard gets very good praise in the world.

There are 4 major advantages of DTMB standard:
1, Running steadily and supports signal fast synchronization.
2. High efficiency. Spectrum efficiency increasing 10% than DVB-T standard and ISDB-T standard.
3, Good at mobile TV reception. Data refreshing 2 times faster than DVB-T standard and ISDB-T standard.
4. Robust coverage range. DTMB standard is the first one to use LDPC codes in the world. So it has lower reception threshold 3 dB less than other international TV standards. Under the same power level transmitters, coverage area is extended almost double.