• A delegation from Timor Leste visit DTVNEL(Beijing)
  • DTVNEL held successfully International DTV Forum in Lao
  • Sharing of test platform is established in DTVNEL
  • DTVNEL attended the 4th China-Africa media cooperation forum
  • DTMB technology training course is held for Pakistani delegation
  • Pakistani delegation visited DTVNEL again

E-DTMB transmission system

E-DTMB standard is based on DTMB standard and fully compatible with DTMB receivers. A pre-processing module is installed in E-DTMB transmitter to make it be possible to integrate multi-services to E-DTMB transmission system.

E-DTMB system permits to add a non real-time broadcasting service while transmitting real-time SD TV program or HD TV program, which could be mobile TV or data broadcasting for car or smart phone. However, it also requests a high sensitivity reception system for this scenario due to an attenuation always happened on signal and frequency clock fast refreshing under a high speed movement condition.

The configuration of E-DTMB system should be set to 64QAM multi-carrier, GI=PN420,FEC=0.6 for real-time SD and HD TV transmission, QPSK and FEC=0.4 for mobile TV transmission. A testing by outdoor fixation TV reception and moving car TV reception shows that there is enough sensitivity difference between 2 kinds of TV reception, as well as for reception threshold difference.Furthermore, C/N threshold has more than 15 dB difference between 2 kinds of TV reception; it guarantees these 2 broadcasting services without any interference in transmission and reception same time .Following picture is a demonstration of E-DTMB transmission system.