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Opening ceremony of DTVNEL(Beijing)
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2010-11-28 11:02:00  Number: big middle small

In the morning of November 25th, 2010, the opening ceremony of DTVNEL(Beijing)was held in Zhongguancun digital TV industrial park. More than 50 guests from the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Haidian district government attended the ceremony.

The laboratory is established in accordance with the national research center, the chairman of laboratory Professor Yang Zhixing who is the first drafter of China's terrestrial digital television transmission standard.
Under the guidance of the national innovation strategy, National Engineering Laboratory For DTV (Beijing) will continue to improve the environment of research and innovation , try our best to stand at the top position in the field of digital TV technology. National Engineering Laboratory For DTV (Beijing) makes a bridge to connect basic research, high technology development and industrial engineering, create a base for training innovative talents to strengthen international cooperation. Research new technologies, new TV standard, new systems and new developments for digital TV technology. Builds a think tank for digital TV policy researching and consulting. Promote the exportation of Chinese digital TV technology, TV standards, DTV products and services, extend our international competitiveness and Influence. National Engineering Laboratory For DTV (Beijing) follows the guideline “let Chinese culture and
products go to the world via Chinese standard exportation”. Constantly achieve new breakthroughs in DTMB standard oversea promotion.


In recent years, DTVNEL(Beijing) undertakes the missions that commissioned by Chinese government and enterprise to promote Chinese DTV industry development, training professional engineers and senior management personnel to provide technical consulting and service. DTVNEL(Beijing) has made a major breakthrough on new generation digital TV technology as ITU announces that DTMB-A standard is one of international digital television standard in the world. Practice has proved that the performance of DTMB-A Standard has exceeding the other latest international digital TV standard. Among the four systems of the first generation, the Chinese standard enjoys a significant advantage. This is why 14 countries and regions have now embraced the DTMB system in Asia, Africa and Latin America, covering nearly two billion people

With the support of National Standards Committee and other relevant governmental departments, the research of DTMB standard technology has achieved key breakthrough. DTVNEL is taking the mission of "Promoting the application of national standards and creating industrial future" will surely write a glorious chapter in the development history of the digital TV industry.