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  • SG8131- HDMI2.1 10K Signal Generator
  • DTMB-A is adopted as 2nd-Gen DTV International Standard by ITU
  • The China-aided DTMB/DTMB-A Project Kicks off in Timor-Leste
  • China and East Timor sign an implementation agreement for terrestrial digital TV transmission system
  • A delegation from Timor-Leste visited DTVNEL(Beijing)
  • DTVNEL held successfully International DTV Forum in Lao

Development prospect

National Engineering Laboratory For DTV (Beijing) is going to build five bases for facing new technologies, new products, new challenges of digital television application.

1.Set up R&D and engineering bases for digital television system.

• Follow and create innovation on new generation DTV standards, accelerate industrialization and construction of domestic and foreign digital TV technology R&D.

• Building a patent database for DTV system and improve the construction of intellectual property service platform.

• Uses existing advantages from indigenous innovation to push the development of China's terrestrial TV, cable TV, satellite TV and internet TV, converging terrestrial TV network, cable TV network and telecom communication network in one.
2.Set up complete exportation bases for digital TV technologies, standards, products and services.

• Encourage competent companies and organizations locally to join to the work of DTMB standard oversea promotion.

• Actively seeking supports from government on the aspects of financial, preferential policies, open technologies and training environment.

3. Set up research bases for internationalization of digital television standard.

• Fully assist with expert group for the task of DTMB standard and DTMB-A standard internationalization.

• Organize foreign and domestic companies, organizations to hold international forums in order to promote the internationalization of China's digital TV standard.

4.Set up training bases for training digital TV technology to foreign and domestic innovative talents.

• Improve the construction of international open laboratory for training professional technician and innovation talents.

• Combine to current oversea promotion works to train more and more domestic and foreign professional engineers.

5.Set up research and consulting bases for digital TV international development tendency.

• Improve the construction of DTV strategic consulting service center, follow the latest developments of digital TV technology in the world, and research on key technologies of digital television technology development.

• Plan and design the expansibility of current DTV standard for developing new generation DTV standard; provide strategic direction and technical advisory to government.

◆ Eight tasks of DTVNEL(Beijing)

1.Research and develop the communality of digital TV technology, create new technologies, new standards and new products to stand at the top position in the world.

2.Exploring varieties method of DTMB standard oversea promotion, set up a complete exportation base for digital TV technologies, standards, products and services.

3.Set up technology evaluation and consulting bases to provide strategic policy and technical advisory for national DTV standard development.

4.Establish a testing and certification platform to qualify digital TV system from headend to terminal, from transmission to reception, from integration to test, become an international cooperation base for digital TV industry.

5.Undertake the missions that commissioned by Chinese government and enterprises for digital TV technology development and research, building a bridge to connect basic research, high-tech development and industrialization process for DTV technology.

6.Establish an international open laboratory for training professional technician and innovation talents, become a base for gathering domestic and foreign outstanding engineers.

7. Establish a database for technological patent and intellectual property management, providing one-stop service for patent authorization.

8. Strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, provide technical consulting services to relevant companies from digital TV industry.