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Ghanaian delegation visited DTVNEL
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2011-09-29 11:00:00  Number: big middle small

In the morning of 28th, September,2011, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, President of the Ruling Party of the Republic of Ghana, visited DTVNEL(Beijing), Professor Yang Zhixing, Chairman of our laboratory warmly received him.

During the meeting, Professor Yang summarized the development process of DTMB standard, compared the performance of four international DTV standards. He indicated that China's DTMB standard is suitable for both fixation TV reception and mobile TV reception. It has capabilities of high-definition TV transmission, data broadcasting and various multi-media services. However, the first generation  of European and American TV standards, fixation TV reception and mobile TV reception must be implement separately, that is not only increasing the equipment cost but also increasing the difficulty of system operation. Although the second European TV standard DVB-T2 has solved above issue through improving spectrum efficiency and decreasing signal reception threshold, but it is completely incompatible with the first-generation system, this is why most countries are still hesitating to update DVB-T to DVB-T2.  However, the evolution of DTMB system "DTMB-A" is definitely compatible with DTMB system. It saves much investments on system equipment .At the same time, among the four international TV standards, only DTMB adopts TDS-OFDM technology and LDPC code with a complete intellectual property right in China. This unique innovative design laid the foundation of DTMB's advantage on technical performance and system compatibility. Moreover, Professor Yang analyzed the huge market prospect of DTMB terminal and enumerated the brilliant achievements of DTMB standard in many comparative tests in South America from 2007 to 2009.

Ghanaian delegation listened carefully to the presentation by Professor Yang Zhixing. Dr. Kwabena Adjei said that Ghana government will sent several DTV experts to China for as soon as possible for technical exchanges and study. He showed his gratitude to Professor Yang and kindly invites all engineers and technicians to visit Ghana in future.