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DTMB standard training course gets complete success
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2012-09-03 09:52:00  Number: big middle small
In order to promote actively Chinese DTMB standard in oversea market and let more and more

abroad broadcasters know Chinese terrestrial digital television technology,on 21th,August,2012,

professor Song Jian gave a training course to 20 ministers and officials from 11 developing

countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Cambodia, and Pakistan... Professor Song Jian

introduced in detail Chinese DTMB standard and its evolution “DTMB-A” standard to all

participants. Each of participant shown a strong interest in DTMB standard and highly concerns

the commercial application of DTMB-A standard. The training achieves very good effect.

After the training course, request sending by majority ministers and officials to get further

knowledge of DTMB standard, Professor Song Jian and Professor Pan Chang Yong- the general

manager of DTVNEL(Beijing) gave respectively training course to more than 50 technicians from

18 counties on 27th,August,2012 and 29th,August,2012. Participants from different countries

highly praised DTMB standard and willing to pay close attention to the development of DTMB