Field test for DTMB-A system successfully accomplished in Kunming
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2013-06-05 09:45:00  Number: big middle small
From May 20 to 28, DTVNEL carried out the field acceptance test of Chinese Standard evolution system DTMB-A in Kunming area of Yunnan province for a period of 8 days, in conjunction with Yunnan TV Station, Yunnan Wireless Digital TV Culture Media Co., Ltd. The tests included the field acceptance tests and mobile reception tests of DTMB-A system in 28 fixed points as well as acceptance tests for the unique mountainous environment in Kunming area.
The test results showed that the stable mobile reception rate of DTMB-A system was up to 23 Mbit/s in the 8MHz broadcast band; under the same transmission rate, the receiving threshold met the requirements of DVB-T2 standard; the receiving performance at high speed was far better than the indexes of DVB-T2; DTMB-A system was compatible with the existing infrastructure of the DTMB system, and the transmission capacity was greatly increased; under the same transmission rate, the receiving threshold and the anti-interference ability of DTMB-A system were better than that of DTMB system, and the reliable reception in the complicated environment of Kunming could also be realized by DTMB-A system in efficient mode, with better receiving threshold and  anti-interference ability.