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Field test for DTMB-A system successfully accomplished in Kunming
Author:   Source:dtvnel   Time:2013-06-05 09:45:00  Number: big middle small

A period of 8 days field test for DTMB-A demo system in Kunming was finished by DTVNEL(Beijing) on 28th, May,2013. The test including terrestrial digital TV reception from 28 test points consist of fixation places, mobile environment and the special topography in Kunming.

Yunnan TV Station and Yunnan Wireless Digital TV Culture Media Co., Ltd participated whole test together.

The test result showing that maximum bitrate for mobile reception stabilizes at 23 Mbit/s in 8MHz bandwidth DTMB-A system, under this transmission bandwidth, threshold of reception is same level with DVB-T2 standard.

Particularly under a high speed movement condition, reception level is exceeding DVB-T2 standard. DTMB-A system is not only compatible with existing facility of DTMB system but also increases higher transmission bandwidth. Practice has proven that under the same test condition, DTMB-A system is more reliable and more stable than DTMB system, as well as reception threshold and anti-interference.

After test, Yunnan Wireless Digital TV Culture Media Co., Ltd highly appraises the performance and advantage of DTMB-A standard, they expect DTMB-A standard could be implemented in China as soon as possible in order to make greater contribution to the development of national DTV industry.