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DTVNEL won a tender for DTMB-A UHD digital TV transmission project
Author:   Source:   Time:2018-08-03 10:30:03  Number: big middle small

On May 31st 2018, DTVNEL was accepted by SARFT to supply DTMB-A Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital television transmission system. This project has great significance to promote the application on UHD digital television transmission with DTMB-A standard.

After compression and encoding, transmission bit rate of UHD digital video signal is about 32 to 36 Mbps. If plus audio stream and system data, the total transmission bit rate will be about 35 to 40 Mbps. At present, the highest code rate of DTMB system is 32.4 Mbps, which is difficult to meet the requirements of transmission. In order to find the potential issues of UHD terrestrial digital television transmission service, we research some configurations of index of sensitivity, noise threshold, anti-multipath interference, DTMB-A system is suitable for UHD channels carrying, it will develop more possibilities for UHD transmission under DTMB-A system, as well as developing Chinese UHD service.